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15 March
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Juses Christ I hadn't updated this in over a year...So yeah. My name is Bree. I love Morning Musume and Minimoni xD and parapara and super eurobeat and buying and making clothes and japanese stuff. It's my life ;D I have a shitload of friends that are the shit and a boyfriend that i <333. Uh I have nothing else to say, I think I'm gonna make one of those pictures that's a biography thing and it's all pretty and nice and I think I'll put Mari on it because i <3 her and i feel retarded with this ugly text so yeah bai ^^
ai kago, akazukin chacha, anime, avex, avex trax, ayumi hamasaki, bazooka girl, beatmania, bemani, bright colors, bubble bobble, bug juice, bust a groove, bust a move, cake, candy, capcom, cats, chibi, chii, chobits, chocolate, coconuts musume, colors, cosplay, dance dance revolution, ddr, dejiko, di gi charat, digi charat, digiko, disney, disney channel, disney land, disney's california adventure, disneyland, domino, dream, eurobeat, eurodance, euromach, fashion, fuzzy things, gals!, genki, go go girls, hamasaki ayumi, hearts, j-euro, j-pop, jpop, justin, k-pop, kago ai, kawaii, key a kiss, key~a~kiss, kirby, kodomo no omocha, kogal fashion, kogals, kogepan, kotobuki ran, kpop, lee jung hyun, lizzie mcguire, lolita, loose socks, mahou tsukai tai, making clothes, manga, mari yaguchi, megatouch, miho, mini hamuzu, mini moni, minimoni, momusu, monsters inc., morning musume, morrigan, ojamajo doremi, orange, orange story, paint shop pro, para para, para para all stars, para para allstars, para para dancing, para para paradise, parapara, parapara dancing, parapara paradise, paraparaparadise, pink, pink things, plaid, platforms, pleated skirts, plush keychains, plushies, pop'n music, power puff girls, ppp, pretty things, pucchimoni, purple, puzzle fighter, rainbows, red, ruri hoshino, san-x, sanx, shakatto de tamborine, shakatto de tambourine, shinohara tomoe, shiny things, shoujo, space channel 5, stars, strawberries, strawberry pie, super deformed, super deformed anime, super eurobeat, super gals! kotobuki ran, tanpopo, taq, tare panda, tare pandas, the last unicorn, tiny snow fairy sugar, toshiba-emi, ufo catcher dolls, ufo catchers, ufo dolls, ulala, yaguchi mari

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