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I had a pretty good weekend ^^ I was realy really sick today and… - Bree [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 18th, 2003|09:27 pm]
I had a pretty good weekend ^^ I was realy really sick today and most of yesterday... I had to come home early from 6flags yesterday and i went to bed at like 8 pm. i was sick all day today and had a fever >< and i still am kinda sick so if this entry makes no sense that's why :p

anyways, saturday and sunday I went to cyber beat nation :D It was pretty fun, and I got to see all my friends ^^ so yay. I also bought some cute hair stuff and a lil plush strawberry for my phone :D Saturday we left cbn early cause we were hungry and wanted pizza at my house :x so i made me, myke, and dom some pizza, and them myke had to go so :((( but dom stayed for awhile :D and i saw them all again sunday. Sunday we went to mitsuwa and it was okay ig uess, that macaroni almost made me puke though.

Yesterday i went to 6flags but i came home early. I had woken up with a gross thoat and gradually felt worse throughout the day, so I just went home. I slept at like 8 pm and woke up at like 230 and slept on and off.... ugh... I felt shitty all day today, but I feel better now ^^ I brushed my teeth like a million times, ate some soup and pudding, and took a shower so i feel a lot better :D anyways baibai